Simple & Sustained Benefits

Maintain elevated well production levels through stick technology

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SOLIDEOR supplies solid stick technology to the oil & gas industry.

Solid Stick technology originates from the hart of the Texas oil belt and is proven for over 50 years, is easy to apply and mobilizes quickly, has short interruption times and comes at minimal investment, uses existing installations, is safe in operation, and is biodegradable. 


Tailor made Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) solutions

Solid stick technology offers a wide range of EOR solutions to the oil & gas industry. Every well is different and requires a tailor made solution. The chemical make up is designed to actual well data. To clean out wells initially, increase water injection, and then to maintain achieved production levels.

Sticks work on…

  • Removing carbonate scale and rust deposits, lowering injection pressure
  • Inhibition of paraffin, salt, scale and corrosion
  • Removing liquid columns of gas and gas condensate wells
  • There are drilling, anti-freeze sticks and other specialty products


Manual dropping straight in the well head

  • Relative simple procedure
  • Easy and quick mobilization
  • Excellent HSE characteristics
  • Can be undertaken by the Operator

Autoloader dropping

  • Periodically automatically dropping sticks
  • Maintaining high production levels
  • Suitable for remote areas
  • Electrical, compressed air solutions


Initial Well Stimulation

  • Tailor made solution per well, highly effective
  • Well returns to normal production, 5% to 25% extra witnessed
  • Short production interruption
  • Minimal investment

Continued Well Treatment

  • Continued monitoring of performance
  • Stabilized higher production levels and income
  • Easy to maintain at relative low cost
  • And without interruptions